Abstinence Blood Orange Aperitif.

Abstinence Non-Alcoholic Aperitif - Blood Orange

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Any great occasion or social gathering necessitates a premium, mouth-watering Aperitif. Abstinence Non-Alcoholic Aperitif provides all the richness and complexity of flavour, without the alcohol.

It is an infusion of natural botanicals, Cinchona Bark and most significantly African Wormwood, the latter providing a unique South African spin.

Abstinence Non-Alcoholic Aperitif is a mouth-watering appetizer for a guilt free Spritz or cocktail.


African Wormwood, Cinchona Bark, All Spice, Clove, Blood Orange


Abstinence Aperitif is a classic Italian-style bitter with a dominant blood orange citrus note, supported by an infusion of natural botanicals. A mouth-watering, bittersweet mouthfeel.

These award-winning products are inspired by the biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom - the smallest yet most diverse floral kingdom in the world! ABSTINENCE is a range of sophisticated, layered, complex non-alcoholic spirits & aperitifs made using an artisanal hydro distillation process.

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50ml Abstinence Blood Orange Aperitif
200ml Soda Water (Can be substitute with Tonic)
Orange Twist

Pour Blood Orange Aperitif over ice in a Gin Goblet or Wine Glass. Topped with Soda and garnish with a fresh orange twist.

image showing the abstinence blood orange negroniABSTINENCE NEGRONI:

50ml Abstinence Blood Orange Apéritif
50ml Abstinence Cape Spice or Cape Citrus
Pinch of Salt

Optional Orange Peel

Combine Blood Orange Aperitif & Abstinence Spirit over ice in a cocktail beaker of tumbler. Add small pinch of salt and stir well.
Strain into a rocks glass filled with fresh ice cubes and garnish with an orange peel.