• Meet The Makers - Six Dogs Distillery

    Distiller Charles Bryant was soon joined by his brother Glenn and friend Luigi Marucchi who shared the desire to create something really special. When it came to the still, we decided to re-invent the wheel by custom-designing a traditional copper still to our precise specifications.

    Our research into molecular distillation revealed that some of the delicate botanicals would be better preserved by being distilled under vacuum and blended later. What started off as an exploration of technology and botany evolved into a passion – and that’s how Six Dogs gin came into the world.

  • All About Gin

    The legendary distiller and master gin maker Lucy Beard from Hope Distillery giving us the back-story on the origins of gin!
  • Gin Tasting Notes Sheets

    Below you will find a selection of links with the tasting note for the various gin brands.        Tasting Notes           Tasting Notes
  • South African Craft Gins

    South Africa’s craft gins are attracting enormous attention globally, thanks to the country’s diverse endemic vegetation. There are many types of gins all over the world, from traditional and spicy to fruity and floral. Now, South Africa’s Fynbos botanicals are opening a whole new category; herbaceous gins.
  • Meet the Makers

    Meet Lucy Beard and Leigh Lisk, the maverick founders of the Hope Distillery in Cape Town.
  • Product Pairing with Fever Tree

    Below is a list of our drinks and the corresponding pairing with Fever Tree products. Enjoy!