Inspired by the biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom, Abstinence is a sophisticated, layered, complex non-alcoholic spirit made using an artisanal single batch distillation process.

Our proprietary, artisanal single batch process is remarkably similar to making traditional spirits; the botanicals are extracted by a gentle maceration and infusion over a 24 hour period and distilled until the desired flavour profiles are achieved

The lack of alcohol as extraction medium requires that higher quantities of botanicals are needed to create each unique product profile. Testament of our commitment of making a superior product that cuts no corners and requires the same, if not more, love and attention as its alcoholic counterparts.

Each of our variants has a distinctive selection of botanicals and flavour profiles A distinct, indigenous hero ingredient shines through for each , providing unmistakeable South African authenticity. The Cape Fynbos showcases Rose Geranium as the hero, the Cape Citrus with Buchu and Western Cape Citrus and the Cape Spice by way of a medley of spices and Honeybush.