Six Dogs Honey Lime

A pioneering project to save distressed bees has led to the creation of a delicious addition to Six Dogs Distillery’s range of craft gins: Six Dogs Honey Lime. Here are your most frequently asked questions answered.

What was the inspiration behind Six Dogs Honey Lime?
We have always wanted to use honey in a gin, but the South African liquor regulations currently do not allow it. This restriction however spurred our master distiller on to make the finest botanical spirit and then to classify this – for the South African market – as a spirit aperitif.

In the other 23 countries to which we currently export our products, Honey Lime is sold under a gin classification.

What are the distinguishing botanicals in Six Dogs Honey Lime?
Noteworthy botanicals include juniper, coriander, angelica and a number of citrus botanicals including limes. We then infuse the gin with honey.

Where do you source your honey?
The honey comes from the beehives on the farm on which our distillery is located. The hives have been set up by South African bee conservation company, Bee Smiths, who relocate distressed bees to more suitable locations. The distillery, on the intersection of the Fynbos and Karoo biomes, is proving to be an ideal location for the bees.

Where do you source your limes?
We have a small grove of lime trees growing right on the distillery’s doorstep. The sun-ripened fruits are picked, peeled and dried before being added to our gin recipe. If we ever run low on limes, we source from neighbouring farms.

What is the overall taste sensation of Six Dogs Honey Lime?
Sip it and you’ll taste classic notes of juniper, coriander and the earthy tones of angelica, complemented by a bite of zesty limes and a subtle infusion of honey to soften and sweeten the overall taste.

What’s the best way to enjoy it?
Enjoy with good Indian tonic and ice. Garnish with a lime wedge or grapefruit peel and pink peppercorns for a bright pop of colour. Six Dogs Honey Lime is best enjoyed on a hot summer’s day.

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