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A Mari Gin

A MARI Atlantic Ocean Gin

A MARI Atlantic Ocean Gin

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A Mari Atlantic Ocean Gin draws its flavours from the West Coast of Cape Town. Inspired by the Atlantic Ocean and distilled with indigenous Cape coastal Fynbos, this gin is bright and fresh and packed with citrus and delicate floral notes.

A Mari is only gin in the world that is distilled with ocean water.

The botanical oils are released more efficiently by using seawater during the distillation, as the salt in the seawater raises the boiling temperature of the water, and takes longer to heat up.

The botanicals are gradually heated up and distilled at a higher temperature, which increases the oil extraction from the plants and gives the gin a very smooth mouthfeel.

Based in Cape Town, A Mari is uniquely positioned to maximise on its locational heritage, by promoting a beach-going, yacht-sailing, premium lifestyle. The gins are each evocative of the coastlines they represent, and the Cape is where these two mighty ocean collide.

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