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Fynbos Fine Foods

FFF Habanero Sauce - 200ml

FFF Habanero Sauce - 200ml

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Thick Yellowish Sauce. Extremely hot, nutty chilli flavour.

Use to spice up stir fries, soups, stews and pasta sauces. Add to marinades for sensational flavor. Use to spice up any meal.

200ml | Heat 10/10

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Consumers are increasingly asking for: Sugar free | Gluten free | Preservative free | Colorant free | All natural / extra virgin olive oil.

FFF Sauces get a 18 month shelf life without the use of synthetic preservatives.

FFF is a premium product, Only the best ingredients with olive oil, smaller batches are made, under very high hygienic standards in order to get a good shelf life.

Why add sugar to a chilli sauce? Chilli sauces are eaten with food in order to enhance the flavours, not sweeten them. NO SUGAR ADDED - Chillies contain a natural sugar in the form of fructose, so we do not add sugar or sweeteners.

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