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Inverroche Gin Gift Pack 3 x 50ml

Inverroche Gin Gift Pack 3 x 50ml

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A Luxury gift pack containing the three Inverroche gins from the Fynbos collection. A trilogy of flavours for every discerning palate and taste preference, which also represent three of the main subsections of the Cape Floral Region; limestone, mountain and coastal fynbos.

Gin Classic
Distilled with plants endemic to South Africa called Fynbos. They are harvested at the southern coastal tip of Africa in the hills and cliffs of limestone rock.
Nose: Notes of juniper berries, bouquet of flowers.
Mouth: Citrus aromas, rose petals and assertive flowers.
Main Plant: Citrus Bucchu.

Gin Verdant
Distilled with fynbos from the mountainous terroirs around the distillery. Inverroche Verdant is floral and soft with a translucent golden-green color thanks to the main plant present in the elaboration of gin.
Nose: Spring flowering, elderflower, chamomile flower.
Mouth: Spices, hint of juniper, lemon zest.
Main Plant: African Sage.

Gin Amber
Distilled with aromatic fynbos scattered along the dunes of the coastal region. Inverroche Amber highlights the diversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom, a region where the distillery is located and where the endemic vegetation from which gins are made grows.
Nose: Notes of fresh citrus, light juniper, caramelized apples, subtle spices and floral notes.
Mouth: Caramelized apples, woody spices, floral notes.
Main plant: Sour fig

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